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9 Ways to Give Great Customer Service


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In the world of customer service, what you mean and what you say are integral. There are some words and phrases that are often repeated by customer service professionals that can result in unsatisfied customers. There are some ways that you can avoid making problems worse by watching the phrases that you use. Here are the key takeaways to remember from this infographic.

1) Be Clear
There is nothing that customers are looking for less than vague responses. This does not really resole any issue and is simply a stall tactic. This is not something that a customer wants to hear from any type of business. Instead of being so vague about the action that you will take to correct the issue, you need to communicate a clear plan of attack that is specifically designed to resole the issue. Customers want you to always be clear and concise instead of so vague. It is better to communicate an exact time that you will get back to them with a resolution.

2) Never Say No
There really should be no instance where you tell a customer no. This is not something that customers want to hear and is the golden rule in customer service. Customers seem to stop listening once you utter the word no. This means that you need to word your response in a way that gets your point across without giving a firm no. This can be done by offering an alternative option to whatever problem they are dealing with. Never say no, just offer an alternative path.

3) Always be Helpful
It is never a good idea to tell customers that there is no way that you can help them. There is always something that can be done, you just have to find out what that is. Be sure that you let customers known you understand their disappointment and that you are going to offer help and a resolution to the issue in some form. There is always something that can be done and it is your job as a customer service professional to find out what this is.

4) Don’t Get Defensive
It is easy for emotions to be high when you are dealing with a customer service problem. However, the phrases that you say and the words that you use can escalate a problem if you get on the defensive. It is important to always look to defuse the situation. Don’t get defensive and just always place the problem on yourself.

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