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9 Ways to Cure a Wandering Mind


The average person has an attention span of 8 seconds when evaluating new information. That can become problematic when there is a need to concentrate. Finding your focus when your mind wants to wander can be difficult.

Difficult is different than impossible.

Here are some options you can use to find your focus when distractions keep pulling at you.

1) Use Deliberate Distractions.
Knowing there are distractions available to you will actually decrease the amount of attention you pay to them. Fill your space with enough distractions, such as music, to remove the temptation to focus on other ones.

2) Give Daydreaming a Chance.
Daydreaming isn’t a bad thing. It is a way for you to pause, so you can think about something that is different than your required task. It can be helpful to take two 5-minute breaks every hour just to shift gears when there is a lot of work that needs to get done.

3) Eliminate Triggers.
Finding your focus works better when there are fewer things that stress you out within your environment. If email creates anxiety, then don’t open it until your task is complete. The same is true for social media. For those who find it hard to resist the temptation to check for new email or notifications, blocking apps, plugins, and extensions can do it for you.

4) Get Some Coffee.
There are definitive connections between caffeine and focus. Having a cup of coffee can help you locate the creativity you need. Dark chocolate can serve as a coffee substitute. Try to avoid sugary energy drinks, however, as they tend to create high peaks and low valleys in terms of overall energy.

5) Doodle.
If you feel unfocused, then doodle for a minute or two. Try drawing some simple patterns, designs, or shapes. It will help your focus come back because it encourages you to bring your thoughts together.

6) Track Your Mind Wandering.
If your mind likes to wander, create a tracking chart which lists the triggers which make this happen. This will create a new trigger that allows you to recognize that your mind is wandering.

7) Chew Some Gum.
Chewing gum can increase feelings of alertness. It can improve your attention as well. Mint flavors tend to provide the best experience, as they also tend to relieve anxiety triggers which can cause the mind to wander.

Finding your focus becomes possible with the techniques offered here. If you feel like your mind is beginning to wander, try one of these options to see if it improves your focus.

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