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9 Unique Social Media Marketing Techniques


Social media is already a competitive space. It is getting more crowded. If there is one thing you can be certain, it is this. Social media marketing will become more challenging in days to come. How are you going to prep yourself and re-strategize to face the overwhelming odds? Here are some effective tips for social media marketers and companies trying to explore the various platforms for everything from exposure to sales.

1) Instill Loyalty in your Target Audience.
Social media has worsened the shrinking attention span that was already a concern. Nowadays people don’t have even half a minute to spare to check out something that they don’t relate with. A few seconds is all one has to impress. With so many companies vying for that same few seconds, the odds couldn’t be greater and yet they will become more overwhelming in the near future. A company must cultivate a loyal audience. One needs a committed social media following, essentially of fans and customers who would stick around. Without this following, no company can build the kind of outreach necessary for optimum exposure.

2) Steal Great Ideas.
Don’t plagiarize content, don’t follow suit when something works for another company and don’t blatantly rip-off an ad or interactive program of another brand. Steal the ideas but do so smartly. Don’t copy. Use the ideas in your context. If a smart phone brand uses a certain strategy that gets it millions of hits, use the same strategy in a way that is relevant in your industry so you can grab the attention of your audience.

3) Limit your Social Media Presence.
For a few years now, many people have been screaming out loud that you must be omnipresent on all social media platforms. It is simply not required. You don’t need to be that insignificant existence on every platform. Be a significant presence on at least one and desirably two social media platforms. That would be enough for any company of any size in any industry.

4) Agility and Intent to Change.
This may sound like an old adage and it indeed is but you ought to be open to change. The world is changing more rapidly than most people realize. A strategy that worked wonders six months back is falling flat now. Not only should your marketing strategies and social media management be agile but you should have the intent too so you can change quickly.

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