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9 Tweet Boosting Twitter Growth Hacks


Think you know Twitter? If you know these hacks, then you’ll be able to use the same tricks that professionals use to build their brands and grow engagement.

1) Use Videos
Multiple forms of media help to attract a diverse and engaged audience. Tweeting videos can help to build higher levels of awareness and engagement simultaneously. You can even record a video as part of the tweeting process if you wish.

2) Know the Limits
You can upload more than one photograph at a time when posting a tweet. You can also tag multiple people without limiting the characters available for the actual text of the tweet.

3) Search Lists
When they are available, Twitter lists are an easy way to find prospects. You can search for relevant tweets, target specific users, or look for specific hashtags. Then you can focus your content on these individuals to boost engagement.

4) Stop the Links
Many people use links with their tweets as a way to promote their goods or services. What they don’t realize is that users can exclude tweets that have links from their search results. If you want to be more productive on Twitter, then tweet more content and fewer self-serving links.

5) Use Your Tools
Did you know that personal assistants can send tweets on your behalf? You can ask Siri, for example, to send a tweet. You’ll be asked what you want to tweet and then asked to confirm the final content.

6) Analyze Your Tweets
Your tweets gather plenty of analytics over time. You can determine if you’re reaching the correct audience, how people interact with your content, and much more. This allows users to adjust their approach based on how their audience is reacting to what is being tweeted.

7) Use the Shortcuts
People who mention your account can be automatically added to your Twitter lists through the IFTTT process. There are also keyboard shortcuts that can be used to help you access the information you want to access in fewer steps.

8) Find Profiles
Complete social profiles on people can be found if you have their Twitter handle. This can help you refine your approach even further.

Twitter can make your brand be more effective. With these hacks, you can be more productive.

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