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9 Sensational Debra A. Moffitt Quotes

Debra Moffitt is an award winning author of three books and focuses on inspiring workshops around the globe. Dedicated to teach others how to awaken your spirit, these interactive workshops will prepare you for the next steps moving forward. Here is a look at some of the best Debra A. Moffitt quotes below.

“A con artist, a total imposter, had played on my desires for the Cinderella dream and won a Monopoly trip to jail. I had hoped for uprightness, integrity, and potentially a relationship. Longing overshadowed the voice of conscience.”

“I calculated how easy it would be to pull a chair next to the windowsill, climb up, and simply allow my body to fall four stories to the street. Then an inner voice broke in, “There’s got to be something more. Go find it.”

“I don’t believe the inner work ever really ends, and sometimes I’d like to take a vacation.”

“It always amazes me when taking off from a stormy airport, how once you reach a certain altitude and get through the clouds, the sun shines as brightly as ever. If we learn to choose the experience of joy in our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits, we will move in tune with the universe and dance in a flow of light and love, and remain above the clouds.”

“Living a spiritual life may not be easy. It demands total authenticity. It brings you to dance to a unique song that only you can hear fully, and sometimes you dance alone because no others can hear the music.”

“Observation and expansion are two elements of meditation. While a teacher may guide you to have the right posture and give instruction on following the breath, no one can teach you about the experience. It comes through practice and patience.”

“Our true nature is bliss. That bliss is like the sun that always shines. It remains ever present, but the events in life and clouds of worry and even emotions like happiness may obscure it like storm clouds obscure the sun.”

“The nature of life is mess, chaotic, exquisitely beautiful, excruciatingly painful, immensely joy-filled, and unpredictable.”

“The soul-Self doesn’t follow the crowd. It encourages you to speak up when you need to and live by your truth.”

Debra Moffitt spends several minutes presenting the Gayatri Mantra. This ancient mantra is focused on protection and light. As the author of ‘Awake in the World: 108 Practices to Live a Divinely Inspired Life,’ Moffitt discusses meditation practices and shares her spiritual journey.

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