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9 Most Important Features for Mobile Sites


Mobile technology is becoming more and more popular and as more people become aware of how they can access the internet on the go, it is important that you make sure to have a website that is optimized for mobile devices. Below is a list of 9 things that you should remember to have on your website to entice and intrigue mobile users.

1. Click and Call or Click and Text

When internet users are looking for particular companies that offer the products and/or services that they need, they will come across the website and search for a phone number that they can use as a contact source. You will want to ensure that the customer does not have to copy and paste your phone number into their mobile device. To avoid this, enabling a click and call or click and text feature will allow them to tap on the phone number and have their phone automatically call or text the contact number.

2. Maps and Directions

The majority of people in the world do not use traditional forms of GPS navigation, instead they will use their mobile devices. Give your customers the opportunity to know where your company is located by simply providing them with a map and interactive directions. You can easily add map widgets to your website that can be used in coordination with the map applications on smartphones to help customers navigate to your location.

3. Simple Contact Forms

One of the most frustrating things associated with websites that are not compatible with mobile devices is that their contact forms are incredibly long and difficult to use. Instead, transform your traditional contact form into something that uses far less fields and pays attention to the important information such as their Name, Address, and Date of Birth.

4. Collapsible Sidebars

Mobile phones are designed to be interactive, therefore with the use of collapsible sidebars, your customers can easily move from one page of information to another without having to scroll down or up the webpage. With the use of these elements, you can present your information in a useful way that is quick and efficient for the user.

5. Simple Navigation

This aspect applies to both mobile and desktop users. Without the help of simple navigational aspects, customers will find themselves spending several minutes trying to find a small amount of information. Consider using only essential webpages and providing customers with the ability to go back and forward without having to search for the right buttons.

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