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9 Keys to Social Media Success


Social media presence is integral to internet marketing. While you may not go all out with social media marketing, trying to develop a degree of omnipresence, having a following and establishing your company as a brand on social media are imperative for any business today. Having a website or only engaging with your audience through emails is not going to help you to stay ahead in this game. Those are the basics that get you started and creating profiles on popular social media sites have to be included in those basics as well.

There are many rules that you would get to know of in Curated Social Media Wisdom. More than a billion people use Facebook and the user count of Twitter is catching up to that pretty fast. Sites like Instagram, Google Plus and Pinterest also have their fair share of following. Having profiles on these sites is the beginning. What you do on these sites, how you do it and when you do it will define your success on social media.

You cannot do what everyone else is doing. You need to indulge in strategies that will be only for your company, relevant for your products or services and suitable for your audience. You cannot reach out to every single person using social media. You must have your target audience in mind. You should come up with an approach that suits your brand. A tragic biopic cannot be marketed lightly and certainly cannot appear to have slapstick elements. Likewise, a company cannot have a wrong portrayal or a presentation on social media that goes against the principles or the brand image of the company. Formulating a social media strategy that will make a brand appear as it intends to be presented and connecting with the audience with relevance and purpose are two cruxes of your social media presence. You absolutely cannot ignore them or do away with these two.

Once you have a desirable brand image, have a target audience and create some level of social media presence, then you must work on your communications, how much you can engage your audience, what type of content you will create and how you should place that content to impress the maximum number of people at a given time.

Explore the social media wisdoms shared in the info-graphic and using the effectively can steer you ahead of the competition.

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