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9 Creative Icebreaker Activities for Groups

Ice breakers play a very important role in networking, especially when you are attending an event and are supposed to meet people about whom you know very little or absolutely nothing. When you meet people who are famous or you know them to an extent, starting a conversation is not very difficult. You can always get started with something that you two have in common and the conversation can then take its own course. With people you do not know or have never met in person, the situation can be very tricky. It is in such instances that you need some really cool ice breakers.

A comparison of networking strategies that differ based on the time of day.

Day vs Night Networking

The Purpose Ice Breakers Serve

Ice breakers have a tendency to get awkward. That is primarily because most people get into an impromptu conversation starter. When you work on your ice breakers and are prepared to deal with people you don’t know, then ice breakers tend to get less awkward and they can actually be quite fun.

In this slideshow, you would come across ice breakers that have been used by real people in real circumstances and have been great conversation starters. The type of ice breakers you can use in certain circumstances would depend on the situation you are in and the type of people you are meeting. You cannot try the same strategies with your trainees and mentors. Likewise, you cannot use similar approaches with clients and consumers. There are distinct differences in the type of ice breakers that you must use, all of which would be subject to the kind of ambiance you are in, whom you are meeting and what the exact purpose you have at hand.

A Variety of Situations

The slideshow would introduce you to numerous types of instances. You would get a fair idea of different types of settings you can be in and how you should approach different kinds of people. Every network or event has a certain degree of uniqueness and the same ice breakers wouldn’t work in all cases. Exploring the various choices offered in the info-graphic would allow you to know how you can choose the ideal conversation starter in a specific situation.

Every professional needs to meet strangers and make new friends to expand their network. The only way to do that is to meet new people and strike up a conversation that is enjoyable. Pleasantries or greetings seldom break the ice and if you try something completely different, you run the risk of disappointing the person. Instead of creating an awkward situation, you can try out proven ice breakers that are perfectly safe.

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