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10 Wine Tasting Invite Wording Samples

A rise in wine consumption has garnered increased sales in the wine market of the United States. Per capita consumption has risen while craft beer has increased in quality and popularity. Consumption has increased per adult by 3 gallons per capita. If you want to host your next wine tasting event, a variety of wine tasting invite wording samples are compiled below to help inspire the hosting of your next wine tasting event.

[name] cordially invite you for an afternoon on the terrace savoring the delights of their continent Wine & Cheese.

[name] cordially invite you to attend their annual Wine Tasting Event.

Come raise your glass and join in the cheers as we toast to [name].

for that casual flair We’ll drink and laugh as we reminisce. It’s a gathering of friends not to be missed!

Forget the black ties; it’s no formal affair. Just come as you are for that casual flair. We’ll drink and laugh as we reminisce. It’s a gathering of friends not to be missed!

From Champagne to Port Chianti to Merlot, We’ll be tasting the wine and enjoying the show.

Join [company name] at a Wine Tasting Event. Come sample the finest wines provided by [wine name] paired with a variety of cheeses provided by local cheese monger [individual name].

Please join us in celebration of the season Cocktails and Hors D’oeuvres.

Please join us to savor all the new delights.

You’re Invited! Please join for wine and cheese.

The following infographic outlines the current state and trends of the wine industry. With a slow rise in bottle prices, more than half of wineries are in balanced with inventory. Despite economic and pricing pressures, more than 40 million cases of wine were imported into the United States. Wineries even experienced a slight profit.

State of the Wine Industry

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