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9 Awesome Homecoming Fundraising Ideas

Homecoming week is the perfect time to host fundraising events. At this time, school spirit is high, and more people will be willing to give to a good cause. Below are some great homecoming fundraising ideas to help you get started.

Carnival Night

Host a Carnival Night in your school’s gymnasium. Choose a theme for the event and decorate the gym. A number of activities can be offered, including classic carnival games like weight guessing. It may be surprising, but carnival games are inexpensive to rent, so if your budget allows, you may want to consider renting a few for your event. You can charge an admission fee if you want, but it’s often best to offer free admission. Guests will pay to play games and for any refreshments they want. Consider having some kind of live entertainment and maybe offer door prizes to attract a larger crowd. This is an event that may take quite a bit of planning depending on how complicated you want the carnival to be.

Car Washes

Car washes are always a great way to raise money. Ideally, you want to host this event in a large parking lot that receives quite a bit of traffic. Hosting the car wash in your school’s parking lot may not be as profitable as hosting it in a local supermarket parking lot (unless you market the event well). The key here is not to charge for the car wash, but let each person know about your cause. Because of the service you are offering, they will feel compelled to donate. Because there is no suggested donation amount, there is no limit on the amount of donations you receive.

Bake Sales

Have members of your team bake goods and sell them at a homecoming event. Cookies, cakes and cupcakes are all crowd favorites. This event will require quite a bit of planning and commitment. If you cannot bake the items yourself, you may consider reaching out to a local bakery to see if they may donate some baked goods for your event.

Flea Market or Yard Sale

Ask each member of your team to donate old and used items to sell at a local flea market or a yard sale. This is a great way to raise a lot of money quickly. Depending on the location and the items being sold, you can raise hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars. If you decide to host a yard sale, make sure that you choose a prominent location and that you advertise the event well. Place an ad in the local newspaper and hand out flyers in school. This will get the word out about the sale.

Donuts and Pizza

Reach out to local pizzerias and donut shops to ask for food donations. When food is purchased in large quantities, many of these establishments will also offer discounts. If they are unwilling to donate food, they may be willing to give you a reduced price. Donuts can be sold in the morning before classes begin, while pizza can be sold at the end of the day or during evening events.

Pancake Breakfast

Host a pancake breakfast before classes begin. This can be done in the school’s cafeteria. You can choose to have the food catered, or you may be able to use the school’s kitchen facilities. Charge a set price for each plate. You can also place placemats with advertisements on them at each table. Local businesses can pay to have their advertisement placed on the placemats. This is another great way to raise some extra money.

Talent Show

Host a talent show at the school. This is a great event for homecoming week. Participants can make a donation to enter the contest. The talent show can be hosted in the school’s auditorium. Refreshments and door prizes can also be offered. Guests can vote for their favorite act. A trophy or prize should be given to the winner of the talent show.

Concession Stands

Concession stands can be found at school sporting events, fairs, festivals, parades, plays and a host of other events. Selling concessions is a great way to raise money and can be a lucrative project. Find local events that will allow you to sell concessions. Consider dividing the proceeds to show your appreciation for them allowing you to be a part of their event.

Homecoming Flowers

Sell flowers to celebrate homecoming week. Mums are very inexpensive to purchase and can be resold to raise money. For this fundraising idea, you will need to get in touch with a local florist. In some cases, florists may be willing to donate the flowers. In the very least, they may be willing to sell you the flowers at a discounted rate. You can resell the flowers throughout the week and at the homecoming dance as well.

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