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17 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Utterly Fantastic


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network. It is a potent tool for all who are serious about their career and business. Innumerable people have acquired new clients on LinkedIn, retained existing clients and thousands of professionals have got better jobs or have been introduced to their business partners on the site.

How to Use LinkedIn

Your objective on LinkedIn may be simple networking, brand development, lead generation, client acquisition or job search among others. Irrespective of the specific objective you have in mind, there are certain elements that you must know to make your LinkedIn profile impressive. If you are not active on the site then there is no point in having a profile or trying to explore what it takes to make an impressive profile but if you are serious about your LinkedIn presence then you must read the 17 LinkedIn Profile Must-Haves.

These 17 must-haves aren’t any technical mumbo-jumbo. Each of these 17 must-haves is a measure. Some are steps that you have to take, some are strategies, some are mindset related aspects while some are purely literal in accordance with which you have to develop and maintain your profile.

The list has been compiled after extensive consideration of all factors and all facets of the professional social networking site. All pros and cons of every feature have been looked at, weighed in and only after due assessment of the various nitty-gritty of the site has this list been compiled.

The list introduces you to the idea of optimizing your profile, something that was not needed when LinkedIn was founded and became open to public. Today, a profile needs to cater to specific keywords based on which a member on LinkedIn or a normal internet user would look for and find your profile. Right from that basic optimization is to making your presence as professional as you can, presenting your skills in a manner that is the most compelling to managing different types of invitations and responses from fellow networkers or connections; everything of importance has been discussed in this list of 17 LinkedIn profile must-haves.

Once you explore these steps that you must take, you would know why some people have been able to use their LinkedIn profiles so successfully. They have made all the right moves. Like any other online community, LinkedIn too demands some smart tactics and presenting of one’s profile. Use as many tricks as possible and accomplish your objective.

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