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9 Amazing Dream Control Techniques


You might think that your dreams are out of your control entirely, but the truth is that you have more control over your dreams than you might expect. Lucid dreaming is something that 1 out of every 8 individuals will experience during their lifetime. Understanding sleep cycles and how dreams work will enable you to make the most of your dreams and learn to control them.

Stages of Sleep

You might think that all sleep and dreams are the same, but the fact is that they are not. When you sleep, you are actually going in and out of different stages or levels of sleep. The different stages of sleep are classified and identified based on brain wave frequency, which is the amount of brain activity taking place.

What is REM?

When you think of REM stages of sleep, you have to understand what REM stands for. REM stands for rapid eye movement and involves your eyes moving back and forth underneath your eyelids. These eye movements are so significant to dreaming, because they relate to what you are searching for within your dream. It is safe to say that most people get into the REM stages of sleep after about an hour and a half most adults typically experience 25% of all sleep during the REM stages. REM stages are so important to controlling your dreams, because lucid dreaming only occurs in these stages. This means that during a deep sleep you will not be able to control your dreams the way you can during REM stages.

Who Are Lucid Dreamers?

You might not realize this, but studies actually show lucid dreamers have many personality and character traits in common. Not only are lucid dreamers frequently creative and responsible by nature, but they also are problem oriented. However, it is possible for anyone to gain control over their dreams and become a lucid dreamer.

How to Lucid Dream

It is important to begin recalling your dreams in as much detail as possible. If you are able to remember your dreams, you have a better chance of noticing reoccurring themes. Keep a dream journal and write down everything you can remember as soon as you wake. After you have begun detailing your dreams for weeks at a time, you can start analyzing them for deeper meaning and significance. Finally, eating foods with melatonin will help get you into lucid dreams faster.

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