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8 Website Usability Best Practices


Some websites generate a lot of traffic while most struggle to gain any substantial traction. There are many factors that lead to such a consequence, from search engine optimization to online ads, social media marketing to the nature of the website and its appeal to a target audience. Once traffic is generated, a website can either build on it or lose the traffic. In other words, a website can either have users visit the website and convert them to leads, customers or users, or it can lose the visitors without any new client, lead or user acquisition.

There are several factors that determine whether a visitor will stay on a site and explore the website or one would simply close it and move on. Those factors are what ‘8 Ways To Increase Usability For Your Website’ deals with.

An internet user may be led to a website from a link on search engines, social media or may be referred to the website by someone. If the website is irrelevant to the search results, links or references, then the visitor will immediately close the site. Thus the links and the search results of a website need to be relevant to the search. Once on the website, a visitor will provide just a few seconds for the content on the landing page to convince the visitor to stay on. If the content on the landing page is too bland or confusing, if there is no compelling headline, if there is no definitive solution to the problem or what the visitor is looking for, then too the visitor will leave the site.

There are dozens of reasons why a visitor will leave the website and not delve into further exploring of the website. Noting those reasons, a company must make adequate and apt changes to the website, from the layout to the headlines, fonts to the type of content present, from proper placement of the various interactive features to the call to action.

There are numerous ways to go wrong with a website design and only a few ways to get it right. The info-graphic on increasing usability of your website will shed light on all such features that can keep a visitor hooked onto your site, can lead to conversion of visitors to leads, users or customers and you can also get an understand of what works and what doesn’t work on a website today.

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