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8 Ways to Demolish Your Sales Goals


Here are some of the most important takeaways to consider with this infographic.

1) The Top Performers All Seem To Have a Great Deal In Common.
When it comes to the organizations that are posting the best win rates, you’ll notice that these organizations have a great deal in common with one another. Beyond the fact that all of them have high win rates, the organizations that dominate their sales goals meet those goals annually, provide themselves with challenging-yet-achievable sales goals, and also achieve maximum pricing.

2) The Top Performers With Meeting And Beating Sales Goals Have Better Overall Win Rates.
If you were to compare the top performers to the rest of the world, you would find that the top performers offer a 62% win rate. On the flipside of that, the rest of the performers offer just a 40% win rate.

3) Top-Performing Sales Organizations Like To Get Close To Their Customers.
Not surprisingly, one of the most consistent elements amongst the best sales organizations comes in the form of the relationships they create with their customers. The more engaged a customer feels, the more likely they are to trust the salesperson from the organization in question. As you can imagine, that trust eventually leads to sales. A flexible, customer-focused approach to sales is fairly consistent amongst the top performers.

4) Invest In The Sale Force.
One of the biggest “secrets” to the varying levels of success from the best sales organizations comes down to the sales force. It has been found that when companies are willing to arm their sales force with confidence, training, and even incentives, the end result is going to be something fantastic. Simply put, when the sales force feels respected, valued, they are going to sell as though they genuinely believe in what they are selling. This is because they will believe in what they are trying to sell. Training a seller to be valuable and customer-focused definitely seems to be the right way to go.

5) Challenging Goals Combine With Creative Thinking.
Allowing your sales force to engage in a certain degree of creative thinking can go a long way towards helping to make your sales force better equipped to deliver that customer-focused attention. At the same time, challenging goals can help you sales force to consistently strive to improve upon existing, successful formulas. Along the way, they will also remain encouraged to look for new ways to approach customer satisfaction and retention.

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