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8 Ways to Overcome Negativity at Work

Overcome-Negativity-at-WorkThere are good days at work. There are challenging days at work. Then there are the days when you feel like your hair is going to turn prematurely gray and you’ll soon be screaming at people to stay off your lawn.

No matter how difficult the day may be, there are ways to stay positive at work. Here’s what you can do.

1) Stop Black and White Thinking.
Many negative thoughts come through a “they’re wrong and I’m right” approach. Both sides of the debate use it. Instead of focusing on this either/or approach, try taking a both/and approach. Flag thoughts that feel negative. Tell yourself that the thought isn’t helpful. Then look for an alternative.

2) Look for Improvement.
Crisis situations bring about change. Even if the whole world seems to be against you, there is still an opportunity somewhere to improve. Set the stress and frustration aside and look for a way to improve the situation somehow. Just the act of being busy can help you to feel better.

3) Get Some Exercise.
Negativity likes to fester. If you stay in the situation, it can encourage negative thoughts to keep happening. Get out of the situation and go take a walk. Go for a quick drive if you can. Fit in a quick workout at the gym. It will help.

4) Write About Your Day.
Using a journal to discuss your feelings can be an excellent way to shift the emotional perspective of your thoughts. Writing not only reduces how intense negative energy can be, but it can also help to regulate difficult emotions, so they can be processed more effectively.

5) Take a Deep Breath.
Sometimes, the best response is no response at all. If you’re tempted to lash out at someone, even if it is to defend yourself, then try to insert a pause first. Take a deep breath. Hold it for a few seconds. Then respond. This will give you some extra time to process the information around you, so your interaction can have more positive energy to it.

Anger can fuel innovation, but it often fuels frustration. By using these methods to stay positive at work, you’ll be able to stay calm and get more stuff done.

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