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8 Ways to Overcome Crippling Self-Doubt


It can be difficult to stay confident every day. The mind can create high levels of self-doubt, especially if there is a risk that needs to be taken. Instead of listening to the chatter that can create hesitation, take advantage of these methods that can help to calm and quiet a worrisome brain.

1) Plan for the worst-case scenario.
If you have a plan in place for the worst possible outcome, then the worries quiet down because you have an idea of what to do. Once that plan is in place, create new plans for success.

2) Be self-aware.
Anxiety tends to appear when you find yourself in unknown circumstances. Evaluate the situation. What can you do to be better tomorrow than you were today? Do you need support? Training? Time? Recognize what you need and then find a way to get it so you can experience success.

3) Practice makes perfect.
One of the greatest sources of anxiety is third-party perception. People worry about what others will think of them. Try reaching out to others who are in the same situation as you. Practice compassion. Offer support. In doing so, you may find that others are more willing to do the same for you.

4) Seek productivity, not validation.
Focus your mind on the task at hand. Don’t waste your time seeking out validation for an idea. That will come when you create your own success. Worry about the deadlines that you face instead of the faith others may or may not have in you.

5) Keep a diary.
Does your mind stay active at night? Do you worry about what mistakes you made? Write down how you feel in a journal or diary before heading to bed. It will help you process the thoughts that will try to keep you up at night, filled with worry.

6) Follow your gut.
Many people find that their gut instinct is the correct decision. Your first reaction is usually your best reaction. Trust your intuition. It got your this far. It will take you even further.

7) Focus on the now.
The past cannot be changed. The future is not here yet. Stay focus on this moment, right now, and put all your energy into that task.

Overcoming anxiety can be difficult, but it is achievable. Include these methods with your daily routine and the chatter of worry may begin to fade away.

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