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8 Selling On Craigslist Tips for Sellers

1) Create a Clickable Title
The title is what will determine if people will click on your ad. If you are selling a piece of furniture, then emphasize the difference between your sales prices and what you bought it for.

Practically Brand New Leather Sofa (Bought for $1200) – $199

2) Add Quality Images from Different Angles
Ads with images are clicked on more and have a higher conversion ratio in regards to total contact emails. Use your digital camera, and make sure you have the proper lighting.

3) Include Link to a Store that is Selling the Item Brand New
This is a tactic that will allow the potential buyer to see a complete spec breakdown. It also lets a professional website sell the product to the potential buyer. Finally, it shows them the true price if they were to buy it brand new. This plays a key role in psychologically positioning the buyer in a state where he perceives your ad as being a bargain.

4) List the Area Where you Live
One of the biggest hurdles in finding a buyer is location. This will keep you from haggling with someone who is not going to make the trip.

5) Pitch the Reason for Selling
Many people on Craigslist are looking for the best bargain. They keep an eye out for ads that list a compelling reason for the owner selling the piece.

We are moving into a new house and do not have room for the sofa.

6) Choose the Right Category
You want to review all the categories and select the one that is most appropriate. If it is not clear cut, then perform a search for the item that you are selling. This will allow you to see the categories that are being used by other sellers for the same item.

7) Lower the Price if No One Responds
If no one responds to your ad, then you will need to lower the price. Drop the price by 50% until you start getting offers. You can also add “or best offer” to the title.

8) Watch Out for Scammers
There are loads of scammers that make a living on duping sellers on Craigslist. Here are a few consistent lead ins that scammers user:

I am out of town, can you hold it.
I will pay you more than what you have it listed for.
Can I wire you the money.
Can I send you a cashier’s check.
I am out of the country…


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