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5 Etsy Success Essentials for Store Owners

Etsy has turned many arts and crafts hobbies into flourishing businesses over the past couple of years. Here is a list of tips to help you dominate Etsy.

#1 Treat It Like a Business Not Like a Hobby

The “law of attraction” tells you to focus your thoughts on what you want and you will get them. The same goes for your Etsy store. If you want to be wildly successful, then you need to treat it like a serious business from day one.

#2 Become a Pro at Taking Product Pictures

The product picture is the most important element of your Etsy store. The best necklace in the world will not sell on Etsy if it has a poorly staged photograph. Invest in a nice digital camera. Use velvet backdrops with the correct color to make the product jump out of the computer screen.

#3 Choose the Right Price for You Products

Pricing is extremely important to your Etsy business. It can determine how many sales you make, and it can cause your business to go under in a month. Identify your materials and shipping costs for every piece that you make. Do not forget about how much your time is worth. Determine your hourly rate, and log your time for each item that you make.

#4 Become an Expert at Etsy SEO

As you build your store and add products, you need to incorporate an SEO strategy. Strong SEO will help you deliver long-term residual traffic to your Etsy store. For each product you want to identify the keywords to use on the page and for the image name. Google image search produces loads of traffic for Etsy stores that use the right keywords for image names. Set up a Google Adwords account and use their free keyword tool. This will help you identify phrases that people are actually searching for.

#5 Post Images on Pinterest Daily

Forget about Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is the only social media channel that you need to know about when it comes to getting high converting traffic to your store. Focus your Pinterest efforts on the image, description, and effectively using hash tags.


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