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8 Proven White Hat Link Building Techniques


Link building had been unfairly hyped up a few years back. That led to an implosion of black hat practices. Google clamped down on shady link building strategies and we are back to where we started with search engine optimization. There are more mediums or platforms to build organic links today so there is really no dearth of resources. The scarcity pertains to content that can facilitate organic links.

You cannot have a link building strategy focused on placing certain links in a piece of content and publishing the same on some website. You must go beyond that limited linking strategy. To build organic links, you need people to trust your brand, there should be a bond between your company and your audience, you must be able to influence the general audience and experts in the niche to cite your presence and you should look for citations or brand mentions that stand the test of time. Let us explore a few effective ways to build organic links.

1) Don’t Come with Links in Content That Are Made for Google.
You will have to develop some content that would target the necessary keywords and aim to improve your search engine rank. Remember, the bots or crawlers of Google would not click on your links. You need people to click on links. Hence, you must use links in contents that are meant for your audience. Those could be informational content, promotional pieces or just outright sales articles. Those that target the audience and not the bots or algorithms must have the important links.

2) Always Change the Rules of the Game or At Least Try.
Do not come up with the same type of content and the same type of links that other companies, especially your competitors, are investing in. You must surprise your audience. Come up with a style of content, break shackles, innovate and shock the audience if necessary. When you manage to entice your audience, you would have your links getting clicked and your audience getting redirected. Having links for the sake of it is futile.

3) Use Social Media for Organic Links.
Every time someone re-tweets or shares your content, every time an internet user comes up with a link on their own that redirects to your website or a webpage that matters to you, it is essential that you capitalize on these links. These links are not generated by you. These are organic links generated by users, which would be more effective to woo your audience and to impress Google.

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