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8 Pros and Cons of Starting a Youtube Channel

YouTube is one of the most active websites on the internet today. It is a source for media entertainment that can include movies, TV shows, marketing videos, and of course funny cat clips. You can’t forget about the cats! Starting a YouTube channel can help an organization engage with their targeted demographics in a unique and personal way. It may take time and money to professionally produce a video, but the returns can be enormous. What are the other key points to consider? Here are the pros and cons of starting a YouTube channel today.

What Are the Pros of Starting a YouTube Channel?

1. Almost any type of video can be uploaded.
There aren’t many restrictions in place when it comes to the media that can be uploaded to a YouTube channel. You can also point out different videos you found to be interesting on your channel. Think of it like a Facebook page where you’re sharing valuable content, but instead of sharing blog links and pictures, you’re always sharing videos that subscribers may find to be interesting.

2. You can still include links to your websites.
One of the nicest components of a YouTube channel is that you can provide links to your preferred sites or additional content directly on the video page. These links act as organic back links for SEO purposes and this, in turn, helps to promote your site’s value. Google loves promoting things that can be found on Google’s services, which gives you another natural boost as well.

3. It costs nothing to begin a YouTube channel.
If your marketing budget is tight, then here’s some good news: you don’t have to pay anything to start a YouTube channel. Of course you’ll have to pay some cash out to produce a good video so you can distribute unique content, but at first just offering your favorites and the chance to subscribe can be a way to lay down the cornerstone of future successes for a brand.

4. The videos that get uploaded to your channel can be embedded.
The real benefit of starting a YouTube channel comes from how the videos can be shared. You can allow others to embed your video onto their website for additional views and exposure. There are even options to change the size of the video or the color of the frame when embedding a video. Links for sharing are provided underneath the video so that it can be distributed through social media channels.

What Are the Cons of Starting a YouTube Channel?

1. There is little control over this video distribution medium.
YouTube is ultimately an independent website with its own goals and business plans to follow. Your business plans don’t necessarily matter to the final results that are hoped to be achieved. Because a channel is free, it is just as easy for a visitor to click on the YouTube link to watch your videos as it is to watch it on your site.

2. YouTube channels inevitably draw attention to your competitor’s videos.
YouTube is geared toward providing consumers with the videos they most want to see. This is how advertising revenue for the site is generated. That means any competitive videos to your YouTube channel are going to be displayed on the site while someone is viewing your own video. This means you’re going to be giving your competitors some extra exposure.

3. There is no guarantee that anyone will see your content.
There are some videos on YouTube that have over 600 million views. Then there are videos that don’t even have 50 views. Just because a YouTube channel is started doesn’t mean you’re automatically draw attention to your content. As with any form of internet media, you’ve got to promote your content on other channels so that your targeted demographics can find you.

4. Other accounts can steal your tags to expose people to unwanted content.
Imagine a 10 year old kid logging into YouTube to search for Transformers cartoons. The tags provide access to some cartoons, but then there’s one video that is also tagged that has content that isn’t suitable for a child that age. Other channels can hijack tags to have their videos displayed as similar or related content and the perception tends to be that your channel supports that content because it displays alongside your video. That can be a bad taste in the mouth of a consumer that never goes away.

The pros and cons of starting a YouTube channel show that it can be successful, but it takes time and money to make that success happen. Just because one is created doesn’t mean the channel will be successful. Promote it as you would any other form of social engagement to maximize the channel’s potential and receive the best chance at success.

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