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8 Magnificent Adèle Green Quotes

Adele Green is a transformation specialist and international author. In her book, ‘Naked with Adele,’ she shares her adventures and spiritual quest. Here is a look at some of the most memorable Adele Green quotes.

“Well I have 4 manuscripts waiting. Most were from questions I had after readers approached me after the first book ‘Can You See Me Naked’. One of them which will probably be published next is poetry I wrote after I came back from Peru in 2009. It is just so personal and close to my heart. But many people have asked me to share it, including my husband.”

“Easy answer – I wanted to tell my ex something. I just did not know it will be a book.”

“My new website is a resource for women and launches on 1 June 2015. There will be over 40 000 words just in blogs by 1 August already prescheduled. Feeling very fortunate to showcase the best of 8 years of research to support women experiencing change in their lives.
Membership is free and there will be an interviews with other authors too.”

“I can’t change the world, but I can make a difference for one person at a time. If I learned anything from my book, it was that things that are worth while takes commitment and love.”

“Make sure what you want to share with the world has not been said before and goes deeper than Google. There is enough recycled information out there.”

“To be honest, I have never had that. I guess I write from my heart and when I need to from inside, as opposed to when I have to.”

“The journey of the dark night of the soul is where we learn who we are, without people telling us.”

“Sensuality disappears when we stop exploring curiously and fall into the trap of playing out roles. We start to see ourselves through our partner’s eyes and believe that is all we can be.”

Here is a deep look into Adele Green, the person and vision as she shares her passion for transformation and continued personal development. A thought leader on equality, Green is best known as being a mind-body couch and Kinesiologist of life.

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