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8 Clever Blog Titles that Grab Your Audience’s Attention


There is no dearth of blogs or bloggers. Every day, millions of blog posts are uploaded onto the virtual world. While more bloggers and blogs would emerge over time, the topics of discussion, the subjects and domains wouldn’t change. While a blog can have a specialisation, the number of specialisations is finite. Thus, not every blog post can be about an entirely new topic that hasn’t been covered already or what would not be covered by someone in the near future. Chances are high that a similar blog post as yours is being uploaded right at the time when you are doing the same.

The reason to highlight these challenges is to put forth the uphill task of getting noticed in a crowded blogosphere. How can you be successful as a blogger? How can your blog get noticed? How can you get more traffic and ensure that your blog is a success? These are some perennial questions that most bloggers have not found an answer to. There are blogs that get thousands of hits every day but there are innumerable blogs that struggle to get even a hundred hits in an entire month. Do the posts on the latter blogs fail to impress people? Are they of poor quality or is there something wrong in the entire strategy of blogging?

The truth is that a mix of numerous factors plays a defining role. One of the many quintessential factors is the quality of the blog post. By quality, one doesn’t imply that a blog has to be a piece of literary fiction or an excerpt straight out of the booker prize winning novel. By quality, one implies enticement, information, value addition and crafty presentation which will impress readers and get more readers to flock to the site.

How To Write A Successful Blog Post is a comprehensive guide to help you get started with overcoming your blogging problems. In the info-graphic you will not just explore the ingredients that make for a good blog but you will get to know the tiniest factors that segregate a successful blog post from an unsuccessful one.

A successful blog post is the collective work of a good writer, a knowledgeable person and one with an understanding of what marketing is. It doesn’t have to be three people. The same person can have all these skills. Explore the info-graphic, endorse the ideas and create successful blog posts.

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