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14 Great Marketing Giveaway Ideas

There’s no getting around this one simple truth: people really love getting free stuff. When you want to gain extra exposure for a new business, an existing resource that is under-utilized, or a brand new service or product that your existing business has created, nothing works better for instant attention than a marketing giveaway. With the right products, you can easily stay at the top of your target demographic’s minds so that you become the resource they utilize when you can effectively solve a problem for them.

It all begins with the right information being included with your giveaways. Simply handing out free products isn’t good enough. You might create a lot of good feelings with your handouts, but if it doesn’t include specific contact information, your logo, and other branding items, then you’ll have just thrown your cash into a massive black hole and never get a good return on your investment.

Fun Giveaway Marketing Ideas That Work

1. Make It Useful
People love free stuff, but they love useful free stuff even more because it helps them immediately solve a problem they’re having. Free rulers, for example help with mathematics or construction. Free pens help with writing. Free stress relievers help people relax when they take a break.

2. Make It Relate
Having a product that relates to your brand identity is important because it is a visual reinforcement of the goods or services that you provide your community. It wouldn’t make sense for a construction company to hand out kitchen utensils with their contact information. It would make sense for them to have a marketing giveaway with a small measuring tape.

3. Make It Appealing
Your product needs to be appealing more than it needs to be cool. How often is someone going to use a giant pink rubber eraser with your logo on it? Would they be more likely to use Post-It notes that have been printed with your contact information? Make the decision based on your target demographic and you’ll get more value for your investment.

4. Get It Out There
Distribute your free giveaway items whenever you have an opportunity instead of waiting for a special event. If you buy lunch every day, then had a marketing item to the cashier you checks you out. If you take a taxi, hand an item over with your cab fare… and a good tip.

5. Stand Out
You need to make a special event stand out if you plan on distributing your marketing materials in such a manner, so make it enticing for your community. Do something different, but yet have something that fits in with your community’s personality. A chili cook-off could be a way, a small county fair, or even a contest you sponsor are all easy ways to get your message out there.

6. Show You Care
Sometimes the best marketing giveaway is the kind that helps someone who needs a hand up right now. Create some swag, but make it be with branded products that are the basics of what people need. Soaps, toothpaste, bandages, or even a USB drive can help to meet some of those needs and create fond memories.

7. Don’t Spend a Lot To Get a Lot
For a marketing giveaway that’s on a budget, nothing is better than a bookmark. It’s still a useful item to a wide set of your local population, contains the same amount of information as other products, and can be used repeatedly for years to give you ongoing exposure.

8. It Doesn’t Have to Be Big
Carrying around tons of swag might be fun for kids, but it isn’t very practical for most adults. What they’ll find meaningful is something useful for their everyday experience, like a bag of tea or a cookie. Include a coupon, put your logo on the wrapper, and you’ll have a useful tool.

9. Give Them Something New
For a double impact, contract with someone locally to produce a unique product that will only be used for your marketing giveaway. You’ll create a good impression with the local contract AND you’ll give out a unique product that no one has seen before. If there’s one thing that everyone loves, it’s a free, unique product.

10. Have a Digital Reward
You can increase your email lists easily through giveaways that are delivered in a digital format. It could be a free MP3 download of a popular song, a song that you’ve produced yourself potentially, a free ebook, or something else that relates to your business and is something your target demographic would want.

11. Invest In Others
Sometimes the best marketing giveaways are the ones that help others succeed and nothing is better than a sponsorship to make that happen. It gets you involved with the community, spreads some goodwill, and lets you always have some skin in the game somewhere.

12. Make a Big Splash
How many times have you received a pen, a pack of gum, or a tote bag? Sometimes the biggest splash is made with the biggest impressions. Offer something different, like a secure cover for a smartphone or a screen protector for a tablet, and you’ll become more memorable.

13. Follow Up 100% of the Time
If all you’re doing is handing out stuff, then that’s how you’ll be seen. If you are handing out tangible items, get together with some of the recipients and get their thoughts about the swag and your organization in general. If you get email addresses, then follow-up with additional thoughts or feedback. This will help you improve your next campaign and show potential leads that their opinion really does matter to you.

14. Sometimes the Safest Bet Is the Best
If you’ve got a creative logo or catchphrase, then the safe idea of a t-shirt could be the best bet for your marketing giveaway. If it looks cool and is comfortable, people will want to wear it and that will give you continuous exposure in the community.

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