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8 Business Idea Success Stories


There are some strange and unusual products in the marketplace today. Not only are these odd ideas good, it makes you wonder how someone ever came up with them in the first place. Here are some of the strangest ideas that have made the biggest impact in the business world.

1) The Slinky.
Like most great ideas, the Slinky was created after an accident. Inventor Richard James accidentally knocked over a spring and watched it move. Not long after, he’s secured a loan, manufactured a few, and has thrilled kids ever since.

2) Selfie Sticks.
The first selfie stick was invented in the 1980s from a bad experience. Inventor Hiroshi Ueda had asked a child to take a photo of himself with his wife. The child ran off with his camera. When smartphones could take photos just as good as a camera for close-up shots, the idea gained some traction almost 30 years after its invention.

3) Potato Parcel.
This idea is very basic. You can send a message to someone on a potato anonymously. Founder Alex Craig allows up to 140 characters or 1 photo to be placed on the potato. Holiday packages begin at $17.99.

4) Snow Shipping.
Some places receive several feet of snow each year. Other locations have seen one snowfall in the last 10 years. Founders Kyle and Jessica Waring started shipping snow from their driveway as a joke. The idea went viral and they’ve been in business ever since.

5) Bottled Air.
Mel Brooks made a joke about bottled air in his movie Spaceballs in the 1980s. Founder Moses Lam is bottling air in Canada, so it can be shipped to China, where pollution levels are high and people long for some fresh air. Pop the top of the can like you would some soda and breathe in deep.

6) Pet Rock.
Selling rocks to people as pets made inventor Gary Dahl a millionaire. After hearing his friends complain about how hard it was to care for their pets, he came up with a simple solution. A rock as a pet required no care at all. Each rock shipped in a small box, with air holes and straw, to ensure it was comfortable.

Will your next odd idea turn into entrepreneurial gold? There’s only one way to find out!

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