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8 Biggest Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


Content marketing is the backbone of every SEO marketing campaign and businesses in the digital information age are investing heavily in it. Content marketing informs the strategies to employ in digital marketing. Creation of high-quality content is an arduous task and keeping in mind all the visuals that need to go into the content before the uploading. This and other essential content marketing elements are in many cases forgotten and making the content marketing campaign to perform poorly.

1) Poor Quality Content
There is a distinct difference between optimizing your content for the search engines and creating high-quality content. An even slight disregard for quality while rushing to optimize quality will have your target audience disapproval of you in a heartbeat. Conversational, creative and fun should be the basis of your content marketing to touch the hearts of your readers.

Content that frequently shared on social networks is usually of high quality. A highly captivating title will be enticing the reader to go through the content. The introduction of your content should be engaging as well to keep the reader engaged.

2) Writing for a General Audience
As every company has its targeted customers, write content with a focus on the audience who will read it. Do not make a mistake to produce content that is for the general audience. Your aim should be to create content that the reader would feel engaged on a personal level. Address a single segment at a time ensuring a flow of ideas to engage the reader actively. The portion of your targeted audience is the ideal client, and your aim is to deliver the best content to them.

3) Disregarding Online Content Distribution
Most companies and SEO content marketers fail to go the extra mile to invest in the creation and growth of content distribution channels in the digital age. The old way of distributing content is still rife where SEO marketers buy access to their customers through ads in print media and direct mail. The digital age has given free access to social media networks where you can interact with your target audience directly.

Earning traffic to your site is time costly but equally rewarding in the end. However, as a business the time is limited, and the best way out is to own the traffic. Businesses do this by converting the earned and paid traffic to your site and own it.

Many SEO marketers and business focus little time to using the resources they already have for content marketing. This leads to time and energy wastage. It is, therefore, important to do stock taking and identify what resources you already have at your disposal especially B2B content.

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