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8 Best WordPress Backup Plugins


1. BackWPup

The BackWPup plugin allows a complete installation of your content to be pushed over to an external Backup service such as Dropbox, FTP, and more. The backup saves within a single .zip file that is easily restored if needed for a new installation. Free and Pro versions available for this plugin.

2. Online Backup for WordPress

This easy to use plugin provides a free online backup to your WordPress site and data. A simple system that encrypts the backup data while it is downloaded, emailed, and stored. Can set settings to backup your site’s database, settings, pages, posts, comments, and file system. The user can choose from one of the three locations; your server, email, or secure data center online.

3. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus allows the backup and restoration of your blog in the cloud. Store on Google Drive, DropBox, FTP, or a multitude of other sites in just a single click. Can backup your files and database on two different schedules. With tens of thousands of daily users, this plugin is widely tested and reliable. Millions of backups have been performed to date.

4. Simple Backup

Simple Backup plugin for WordPress, easily creates and downloads backups directly to your MySQL Database. Requires a Linux style server for consistent and reliable database backups. A folder under your root directory is designated for storing your backup file called “simple backup.” An error message will be received if this file can not be located within your directory.

5. myRepono

An online website backup service that enables users to securely backup your WordPress site and mySQL tables using an online web based management system. The process is easily automated, backing up the entire WordPress website and database to include posts, comments, user data, template, plugins, and PHP files.

6. VaultPress

VaultPress is an easy to use backup plugin for WordPress that operates in the real time with security scanning service designed and build in by Automattic. The same company that brought your Askimet and operating on 25+ million sites on WordPress.com. VaultPress is easily functioned with backup system that synchronizes every post, comment, media file, revision, and dashboard setting to your server.

7. Ready! Backup

This plugin allows and easy and quick process for backing up your WordPress site to DropBox, FTP, Email, or your local computer. You can schedule times and days for the backup to be performed with logs and custom file backup options.

8. 6Scan Backup

The 6Scan backup plugin allows you to perform both a file and database backup to your blog on a cloud data center. Easy restoration of your blog can be performed in only minutes. If your server is offline, a full backup will allow you to restore your site to full functionality. This plugin also includes numerous security features from 6Scan to protect your site against malicious attacks. Features include, login security, threat analytics, and site security scan.

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