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8 Best Marketing Ideas for Chiropractors

Marketing Ideas for Chiropractors

Chiropractors are being visited now more than ever before. Anytime a person has back pain, they will normally visit a chiropractor’s office to relieve the pain that they have been feeling. However, a chiropractor can do much more than align a person’s back. Instead of letting unknowledgeable customers slip through the cracks, revitalize a chiropractor’s office with these marketing ideas for chiropractors. Through these marketing efforts, not only will sales increases, but potential clients will be better informed as well.

1. Offer a Free Seminar

Seminars will bring in potential leads and allow a chiropractor to network as well. These seminars can be local events that are small and quaint or larger events held at a college. In either case, the goal is to share knowledge and become recognized as a result. Come up with a very informative seminar that talks about chiropractors, what they do and what every person can do to ensure that they are always in proper health. Through the sharing of knowledge, many of the attendees will become clients that come back routinely.

2. Remember Birthdays

Every past client can become a current client with ease. A good way to lure a person back to an office is to recognize them on the one day of the year that they can call their own – their birthday. Sending out a simple birthday card will show the client that your office remembers and cares about them. By adding a special birthday discount into the mix, these past customers can easily become return customers that come back often.

3. Take Out Local Ads

New and seasoned chiropractors will want to always promote on a local scale. What needs to be done is that the person will want to advertise in all of the local outlets so that their name and face become commonplace. These avenues can include:

Newspapers: Through newspapers, it is possible to display a message and even offer a discount. This is a great method of promotion and works extremely well on a local scale.

Magazines: Local magazines are a great way to begin promoting as well. A good article on chiropractors can lure in dozens of new clients a day.

4. Sponsor an Event

Local sponsorships will be a very popular marketing method. This will allow a chiropractor to help their local community and do so while bringing in sales. Buying jerseys for a local baseball team or promoting a local food drive can be very fruitful. Remember, this is supposed to be an event that promotes through passive methods. This means that sponsorship has to be done out of pure kindness and that it may result in exposure, or it may not. In either case, it will still be an outlet to explore.

5. Elderly Discounts

Offering elderly discounts is always a benefit. Many of the elderly clients seen are going to inquire about age-related discounts and offering them can turn these persons into leads. Simply offer an over 65 discount and promote it often. Taking this marketing idea one step further would include offering free adjustments to a retirement home on a monthly basis.

6. Utilize Hospital Billboards

The hospital is a great place to advertise. If a billboard is present, add your company’s business card to it. If not, ask about passing out fliers to current patients or even offering discounts to any person currently in the hospital. Many of these patients will seek further rehabilitation services that normally include a chiropractor.

7. Referral Discounts

Current clients are always a chiropractor’s best asset. By offering discounts based on referrals, clients will surely recommend your services to their friends. This can be done on a strict discount basis wherein a person will save 10 percent on their next visit or be rewarded with a free session after they have referred so many people. This is the ideal method of promotion where giving a little equates to increased sales.

8. Local Gyms

Local gyms will always have their fair share of people that exercise and hurt themselves. By offering a discount to members and promoting within the gym, it will be possible to boost sales and draw in new clients. This is a great avenue that is often neglected. There is also the possibility of printing up fliers and handing them out to gym patrons as they exit the gym. Inquiring about this first with the gym’s management staff is necessary to ensure that they will allow this promotion on their premises.

Being creative will provide a plethora of marketing ideas for chiropractors. By giving away services for free or offering discounts, it is possible to begin branding a chiropractor and ensure that future sales are always flowing. Promotion on a local scale will be of the utmost importance and will bring in highly targeted leads that will turn into continual clients. Once a person has been in your office, keeping them happy will result in numerous referrals and a continually growing client base.

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