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75 Vital Customer Service Facts and Stats

A great product would make people buy it and use it but wouldn’t instill brand loyalty if the company offers poor customer service. Whenever someone deals with a company, it is not just to buy the product and use it but for the entire experience that is offered by the company. Customer service plays a key role in consumer satisfaction.

The following infographic outlines popular myths regarding customer service compared to what the facts and statistics say.

Customer Service Myths

What Customers Want

Any customer would want to be treated as special and not just a mere statistic or number. The very moment a customer or a lead is treated as a potential sale and nothing more, the company wouldn’t be offering an experience but merely a transaction. People look for something more than just a financial transaction.

The cost of bad customer service can be catastrophic for a brand. In history, many brands have faded into oblivion simply because they didn’t offer good customer service, even though they had good products to offer.

In the slide share, you would discover the costs you have to bear if you offer bad customer service. From losing existing clients to ceding market space to competitors, making way for negative publicity to disappointing disgruntled customers and discouraging potential customers, all can be the immediate, direct and indirect fallout of bad customer service.

In the slide share, you would also discover what customers think. What is it that customers want and look for when they deal with you? How can you cater to the needs of the customers and ensure that they are satiated? These are just some of the many facts and realities that you would get to unravel in the slide share.

Personalizing Customer Service Experiences

Offering personalized customer service and reaching out to customers will make them feel special and important. Their reactions, opinions, and feedback matter when it comes to ensuring the satisfaction of each customer you are servicing. If you offer the moon in poor taste, it wouldn’t be saleable and people wouldn’t fancy dealing with you. If you offer a very simple product with care, professionalism and with the intention that you wish to make a difference to the lives of your customers then people would be willing to listen to you and give you a try.

There are many statistics pertaining to customer service that can help you to understand this integral element of running a business. Explore all this and more in the slide share.

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