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20 Eightieth Birthday Invitation Wording Samples

Every second that passed, two people celebrate their 60th birthday. This averages an annual total of 58 million birthdays. While the average life expectancy is 78 years old, a portion of individuals make it to celebrate their 80th birthday. For those that are celebrating this aging milestone, a listing of eightieth birthday invitation wording samples are selected below to help inspire your unique theme and celebration.

A very special birthday of a very special friend. If you can’t attend the party – a card we hope you’ll send!

An eightieth birthday is not so alarming but we’ve found the cause for global warming!

At this age, I consider myself lucky. Being allowed to live for this long, it’s indeed a blessing. And I would like you to be part of the celebration. Come and let’s celebrate my 80th birthday.

Eighty drifts in like a tropical breeze, so come and join us, won’t you please?

Eighty is a super age so let’s honor [name] as he takes center stage!

Gosh and b’glory, [name] reached his 80th year! So join us for a wee bit of blarney and a lot of Irish cheer!

He’s right on par and happy as can be, cause the best age of all is Eight-Tee!

I earned wrinkles and wisdom through my years, but I prefer to look ahead. So wrap my present with a bow bright red, And join me for lots of birthday cheers!

I have a great deal of candles on my birthday cake this year. I need some help to blow them. I offer a piece of cake in exchange. So come and rock with us on my 80th Birthday Party.

I’d like to thank you for being my friend. Join me for my birthday, and let our fun day have no end.

I’m inviting you to my birthday. Good cheers mandatory, but the presents are optional.

Oh no, say it isn’t so… the big 8-0!

Seventy was good, but eighty is great so let’s get together and celebrate.

She’s turning eighty… There’s no turning back. If you think there’s a party, You’re on the right track!

Some friends are like gold… Some birthdays are too! We want to celebrate both blessings with you.

Some things get better the older they grow. Antiques, wine and someone special we know!

The symphony is not over… The best is yet to come. Please join us for a noteworthy occasion.

Time flutters by on gossamer wings as we share the joy that another year brings.

Time waits for no man and [name] is no exception, but age, like beauty, is just a perception!

Turning eighty is really great! Please join us as we celebrate [name] 80th Birthday.

The below infographic outlines the aging and population trends in the world. More than 50,000 people in Japan are over the age of 10. Worldwide, over 800 million people were over the age of 60. It is expected by 2050, this number will rise to over 2 billion.

Global Aging and Population Trends

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