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75 Best Slogans for Science March Signs and T-Shirts

Math and science are valuable contributions to our future through technological advances and discoveries. These best slogans for science march signs and t-shirts serve as the perfect source of inspiration for your participation.

All I want for Christmas is my Planet’s assured survival. Only Science can Save Christmas.
Alternative Facts are the Square Root of -1.
America is Great Because of Science.
Back off Man. I’m a scientist.
Brains are Beautiful.
CELL-ebrate Science.
Dear Climate, You’ve Changed.
Defend. Not Defund.
Defiance 4 Science.
Didn’t Die of Infection? Thanks a Scientist.
Electrical engineers understand the Power of Resistance.
Go fact yourself.
Got the Plague? Me Neither. Thanks Science.
Grab ’em by the data.
Healthcare is a human right.
I am 102. I know what science can do.
I like big brains and I cannot lie.
I was told to bring a sine.
I’d rather be at home writing a peer-reviewed publication.
If you’re not part of the SOLUTION, you’re part of the PRECIPITATE.
I’m a little resistor.
I’m not a mad scientist. I’m absolutely furious.
I’m With Her = Mother Earth.
Investigator of Reality.
It’s magic until it’s science.
Less Invastions. Nore Equations.
Like Food? Thank Microbes.
Look at me still marching where there’s science to do.
Make America Full of Bees Again!
Make Earth Cool Again.
More Mitosis. Less Division.
More Newton. Less Putin.
No Science = No Beer.
No Science. No Death Star.
Only you can prevent forest fires. Seriously. We’ve been defunded. It’s just you now.
Penicillin – Television – Space Travel – Thanks Science.
Pi is all the irrationality I need.
Planet over profit.
Powered by Science. Strengthened by Diversity.
Progress in SCIENCE = Progress for HUMANITY.
Protect Our Earth. Science is the Best.
Protests change things.
Raise your voice, not the sea levels.
Resist – most bacteria.
Rising Seas?
Save Our Green Earth.
Science Belongs to Everyone.
Science Gives me a Hadron.
Science has no borders.
Science is not a Liberal Conspiracy.
Science is Real.
Science predicted rain.
Science Respects Facts. Reject BS.
Science Rocks!
Science, not silence.
Scientists invented viagra. Maybe we can be trusted to solve other hard problems.
Scientists serving the common good.
Society Should Worry When Geeks Have to Demonstrate.
Support Labs.
The Climate is Changing. Why Aren’t We?
The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.
The oceans are rising and so are we.
There are no alternative facts to global warming.
There is no Planet B.
Think like a proton. Stay positive.
Think While it is Still Legal.
This is not normal.
Time to React.
Truth matters.
Up and Atom.
We are part of the solution.
We can rebuild them. We have the technology.
What do we want? Evidence Based Science.
You Can’t Comb Over Climate Change.
You know things are serious when the introverts arrive.

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