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50 Catchy Slogans for the Element Chlorine

Chlorine is an invaluable chemical in many cleaning and purification solutions. These catchy slogans for the element chlorine highlight its great contribution to society.

Be clean – Be Chlorine.
Be the first like Chlorine.
Believe in Chlorine.
Chlorine always win.
Chlorine bleach is the best sanitizer.
Chlorine can do it.
Chlorine does the job.
Chlorine gas smells bad, but it’s cleaning power is totally rad.
Chlorine I can smell and taste pretty mean but I promise to keep your water clean!
Chlorine is a terrible gas, but it will help you pass your science class.
Chlorine is Chlorine.
Chlorine is my Perfume.
Chlorine keeps the store clean and makes the floor gleam
Chlorine leaves you breathless.
Chlorine since 1774.
Chlorine smells weird and it’s not considered cool but it’s the only element here that’s gonna clean your pool.
Chlorine the wise choice.
Chlorine, It’s in the bleach.
Chlorine, It’s in the salt.
Chlorine, keeps the water clean but turns your fake blond hair green.
Chlorine, never alone.
Chlorine, The next stop.
Chlorine: cleans your pool while your at school.
Chlorine: Coming to a swimming pool, tap, toilet and popcorn near you!
Chlorine: E. Coli’s archenemy!
Chlorine: Life is a bleach.
Chlorine: Makes water clear, sparkling, and clean.
Chlorine: Sodium’s best friend…
Chlorine: the ultimate killer cure to all your problems!
Clean like Chlorine.
Danger: Chlorine Gas.
Dirt is no match for the mean, clean, chlorine machine.
Fluorine, sister of chlorine.
Go clean – Go for Chlorine.
Go far with Chlorine.
I’m a bleach bum.
It’s seventeen, It’s Chlorine.
It’s atomic number is seventeen, What could be? It’s Chlorine!
Keep it clean with Chlorine!
Live like Chlorine.
No one can clean like chlorine.
Pools need Chlorine to keep us healthy and the water clean.
Salty Chlorine.
The gene pool needs chlorine.
The only element, that’s gonna clean your pool.
The world needs Chlorine.
To clear up eyes you can use vizene But, for pools and stains – use chlorine.
What a bleach!
You can never do it like Chlorine.
Zinc Don’t Stink.

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