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75 Awesome City and Town Slogans

Here are some of the most awesome city and town slogans ever used. These catchy city and town slogans will help inspire you to come up with your own slogan ideas.

26th best small town in America.
857 friendly people and one old grump.
A great place to live no matter how you pronounce it.
A Unique Little Town.
Adventure Starts Here.
America’s First Resort.
America’s Secret City.
America’s Playground.
Band Instrument Capital of the World.
Best town by a dam site.
Bigfoot Capital of the World.
Chair Town.
City In A Park.
City of Lights and Flowers.
City of Mills.
City of Notions.
Clock City.
Colored Slate Capital of the World.
Cradle of the Union.
Don’t pass Gas; stop and enjoy it.
Endurance Capital of the World.
Everything but a lake.
Firefly Capital of the World.
For A Day Or A Lifetime.
Gateway to the Blues.
Grass Seed Capital of the World.
Hanging Basket Capital of the World.
History for the taking.
It’s not our fault.
It’s not the end of the Earth, but you can see it from here.
Keep it in mind!
Land of Hanging Grapes?
Leap Year Capital of the World.
Life Wide Open.
More Then You Imagined.
Named by the turn of a card.
Nature’s Air-Conditioned City.
Nylon Capital of the World.
Onion City.
Originally Concord.
Peak of Good Living.
Peanut City.
Rope Jump Capital of the World.
Seed Potato Capital.
Striving to be the state’s cleanest town.
The Big Peach.
The Biggest Little Town In Tennessee.
The blueberry capital of the world.
The City For Families.
The City of Firsts.
The City of Ships.
The city so nice they named it twice.
The city that loves children.
The City that Trees Built.
The coldest spot in Iowa.
The Evergreen City.
The friendliest ghost town in Alaska.
The friendly town – why go by?
The Hub.
The Iron City.
The Little Apple.
The mile wide city.
The Nearest Faraway Place.
The Park City.
The Queen City of the East.
The Quiet Resorts.
Town of oil repute.
Welcome to Earth, Est. 1924.
Welcome to the only Eaton Rapids on Earth.
We’re down to earth. If Gravity goes, we all go.
Where the battle wasn’t.
Where the odds are with you.
Wyoming’s oldest incorporated town that is still in existence.
The Big Gun.
The City of Five Seasons.

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