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7 Ways to Improve Customer Service Skills for an Online Business


7 Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Service for ECommerce

In the relationship between retailers and customers, customer service is very important. In contemporary times, with the increase of social media, companies need to rise and take advantage of new social customers and treat them in a very special manner.

Supporting ECommerce Customers

1. Offer Support through multiple channels
It is a fact that out of 10 customers, 9 make use of multiple channels and they expect to receive same quality services across all of them.

2. Listen on social media
Companies should pay attention to this, as customers are looking for human attention and they will buy from companies that care about them. Research reveals that 78% of customers believe that social media will be the next medium of customer service. 46% of online customers expect customer services will be provided via social media platforms like Facebook while 88% of customers are less likely to patronize companies who do not answer complaints via Facebook.

3. Track all customer interactions
This saves time for both agents and customers, eliminating any form of confusion as customers will communicate with you via various channels. This will create a personal relationships between you and the client.

4. Create a support center for customers
Over 85% of customers visit the website of companies before contacting the company. It is a nice idea to create a self serve support center for clients.

5. Provide online chat
Over 70% of customer agree that online chat provides positive influence with respect to their attitude to retailers.

6. Focus on prompt response
The quality of support response is a pointer towards how clients perceive the company. From survey, it was discovered that over 80% of clients will do business with companies that will respond on the phone in less than a minute while 53% of customers said they will still do business with companies that will respond in less than a minute.

7. Deliver a WOW experience
This is delivered through the combination of understanding. Empathy and understanding the challenge that customers are facing. This issues should be identified and resolved as soon as possible. These great experiences can be provided by engaging the right tools like emails, phone, tweets, and instant messages. Through helpdesk.com, you can keep track of all customers interaction. This will provide that desired experience.

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