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7 Ways to Get Past Your Excuses

Excuses are the biggest hindrances that one can put for oneself. Excuses are self inflicted challenges which can prevent you from achieving everything that you have the potential for. Artists procrastinate and shelve their projects. Most wait for perfection and in that wait they spend days, weeks and months of unproductive spells. Professionals tend to take a pessimistic approach to every challenge and give up even before trying. The sad reality is that everyone has excuses and paradoxically, most of those excuses are actually creations of one’s mind and practically nonexistent.

Multiple factors go into the lack of individual success. A listing of primary reasons you are not successful and use excuses to justify your actions are outlined in the following infographic.

Reasons to be Successful

The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that the former don’t believe in excuses. They believe in doing. Knowledge is futile if you don’t put it to use. Talent is worthless if one doesn’t exploit it. Thoughts are insignificant unless they are acted upon. Likewise, excuses are the biggest hurdles you can set for yourself even when there may not be any.

7 Steps To Get Beyond Excuses is a guide for all and sundry to shed the garb of pessimism, procrastination, uncertainty, unnecessary anxiety and fear of failure. This guide would compel you to act and to live the life that you want. Millions of people around the world spend far too much time dreaming and then wondering what if their dream doesn’t come true.

You shouldn’t be looking for validation, approval or patting until you actually achieve it. Your objective shouldn’t be to contemplate the viability of something or determining how successful you can be. Your objective is to pursue your dreams, harbor your aspirations and working on it and thereon taking actions to live the life that you envision for yourself instead of only envisioning throughout the heydays of your life.

If you have to find excuses, you would certainly find a dozen of them without even ransacking your mind for a minute. You can find excuses in the form of health, resources, age, luck, liabilities, commitments, shortcomings in various ways and anything and everything that caters to the purpose of being a reason for you to avoid doing something. Actually, many people start cherishing the dream or wish and they tend to become content with that. Many people would rather not try and avoid failure than trying and failing and trying again to succeed.

No matter what excuses you have been giving yourself, it is time to shake them off and act.

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