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7 Top SEO Strategies for 2015


SEO has changed over the years. It is not a surprise considering internet itself and search engines are also evolving. As internet and search engines evolve further, as the existing algorithms are tested more and refined and as more customers are surveyed and their responses are studied to understand if what search engines are doing is being appreciated; SEO would keep evolving. There is a huge difference between what SEO was five years or even two years back and what SEO is today.

‘SEO: Then Vs Now’ is an info-graphic that sheds light on the several differences that have become more than obvious. Most of those developments are desirable from the perspective of a reader or internet user. However, several of those changes had spelled the death knell for many SEO campaigns. Everyone who went wrong with their SEO strategies in the last five years have been penalized, quite heavily, by the search engines and not only have their ranks gone for a toss but many have even been blacklisted by search engines such as Google. Many enterprises that had only an online presence have faded into oblivion after SEO evolved.

In the info-graphic, you would come across the significant changes that have taken place and how those changes have affected the SEO strategies. For instance, since its inception SEO has been all about keyword and search engine page rank. Content or its originality, uniqueness and the quality of traffic did not matter. Today, SEO is no longer confined to keyword and ranks. SEO is focused more on the quality of traffic, how readers or a target audience engages with a company through the content and the return on investment. It doesn’t matter how much traffic a site generates. What matters more is the quality of that traffic, which means that conversion of visitors into customers or leads has become more important than random traction online.

Likewise, analytics, quality content, social media marketing, relevant articles and reader engagement have become more important in SEO than just penning down blurbs heavily loaded with keywords to get ranked on page one of search engines.

From content to keywords to link building, the info-graphic sheds light on every element or facet of SEO and how they have changed over the years. If you need to perfect your SEO strategy today, then you need to know how it has evolved.

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