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7 Thinking Outside the Box Examples


For many companies, their CEO’s are a very important part of their public image and creativeness, with many companies being completely dependent on the activity from their CEO’s. Steve Jobs comes to mind with these statements, as Steve Jobs was ingenious, charismatic, and overall very likable, which was a huge factor in the overall success for Apple.

There are many “rituals” that these company leaders do to come up with ideas, as well as running their company, that may seem unorthodox to the common eye. These are several such examples of weird rituals that work for business leaders as listed in this infographic.

1) Richard Branson – (Founder of Virgin Group)
Branson says this on success: “I find that I come up with the best ideas when I am moving”. This means Branson finds when he is active and mobile to be his best antidote to “blocked brains”, as he has experienced his greatest and most effective ideas while on the move. Branson prefers his movement in any accommodations, from traveling, exercising, to even simplistic movements like walking and bicycling, Branson finds his best ideas come when on the move.

2) Arianna Huffington – (Founder Of Huffington Post)
Huffington’s key to success seems very unorthodox, as many would think that sleep would be a remedy for failure, instead of success. Huffington proves to be an exception, however, as she believes the best ideas and successes come from “unplugging and recharging”, which in essence means frequent naps or meditations. She believes all these relaxing properties are essential, however, as she values all of her staff above their position and job title, which she believes is an absolute must in being successful in today’s economy.

3) Warren Buffett – (CEO of Berkshire Hathaway)
Warren Buffett’s approaches to success are not unorthodox in philosophy, they are just never utilized by other business leaders. In short, Buffett says those looking to succeed should spend time away from work, whereas they are sitting down to do nothing past thinking. He feels brainstorming sessions are necessary to growing businesses, and he feels it is vital for future business leaders to take time out of their day to just sit and think without any interruptions. He also believes it isn’t a bad choice to take time out to read books or articles, as he believes this allows you more creative components towards your business.

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