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7 Reasons Why People Unfollow Twitter Accounts


When businesses are creating content, there are many different ways to measure success. However, social media shares have now become the gold standard for evaluating the effectiveness of online content. Social media sites are more popular than ever before. This means for you to have a large online presence and to be fully branded as a company, the content that you create needs to be shared at a high rate on social media sites. Here are the biggest takeaways from this infographic.

1) Interesting Content
Social media sites are the best way that companies can engage with consumers. You have the ability to get content directly in front of your target audience through the use of social media sites. The main reason that most online users follow companies on social media sites is for interesting content. This means that if you are creating content that users find interesting, it will be shared and seen by more people. It is what users of social media sites are looking for.

2) Biggest Challenge
Even though most people are looking for interesting content, it can be difficult to engage your audience with the content that you produce. If it was easy everyone would be able to do it successfully. In fact, more than 40% of businesses report that creating engaging content is one of the most difficult aspects of their marketing campaign. It might be what users are looking for, but creating it can be a long process that is difficult.

3) What Has Been Shared?
You can learn how to create shared content by taking a look at content that has been shared at a high rate on twitter. Having a large fan base is what can get your content shared. It is difficult to create content that people want to share if you don’t already have a large following. The president of the United States also has enough power to create content that people want to share as his tweet after getting a second term in the white house is also on the list of the top shared tweets ever. You need to know what gets shared at a high rate so that you create content that keeps you from being unfollowed.

4) Genuine Value
The trick to creating content that will get shared on social media sites is to create something that offers general value. This is the best way to make sure that it gets seen and shared.

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