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7 Reasons Google Does Not Index Your Pages


Google is probably the most powerful search engine on the whole planet. But how do they do it? And more importantly, how can you sue Google’s system to increase your visibility on the web? Here, we will tell you more about how Google keeps track of various webpages on the web. We will also look at just how you can better improve your webpages to take advantage of just how Google ranks pages and generates search results.

Indexing the Web

Would you believe that not all of the web is indexed? Believe it or not, only about 1 of 10 webpages is indexed by Google. Even less is indexed by smaller search engines like Bing. Still, Google has billions and billions of pages that it is keeping track of. Each of these pages is something Google has “crawled,” and placed on a large list. When you enter search terms into a search engine like Google, what it returns is results based upon the pages that it has been able to find on the web. There are still billions and billions of pages out there that never show up in Google results.

How It Works

“Spiders,” are algorithms that Google has developed. These bugs “crawl,” from webpage to webpage via links, working just like humans do on the web. As they travel, they send information back to Google’s index. These spiders especially love new content, and will crawl your pages more often if you update more often. As you could imagine, though, some things make it more difficult for these bots to index and explore new sites. Luckily, most of these common issues can be fixed pretty easily. And other things can be added to your page to help spiders better navigate your site.

Tips for Better Indexing

When writing your site, always use Meta, author, and title tags in the correct format. Be sure to use your tools to tell Google which site should be indexed and which should not be. Do the best you can to be sure your webpage servers are always up and running. Check into the domain’s history before you buy it or invest with them. As you build your page rank, your webpage will be crawled more often. Also be sure that your robots.txt file and your “.htaccess” files are both configured correctly before your site is up and running.

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