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7 Proven Ways to Improve Memory


Are you one of those people who instantly forgets a name when meeting someone? Do you feel like you talk to Google more than your friends?

Memory is just like a muscle. When you use it often, your recall ability will benefit over time. These methods are proven to dramatically improve your memory over time.

1) Rhyming
Words that rhyme are easier to remember because of a process called “acoustic encoding.” Here’s an example. “I before E, except after C, unless it says eh, like in neighbor or weigh.” If you link rhymes to pictures or graphics, it becomes even easier to remember specific information.

2) Linking
The human brain remembers stories better than it remembers abstract lists. Creating visual images that link to specific information points can make them easier to remember. Associate each image you picture with the next image on your list of items for best results.

3) Chunking
Long pieces of information can be difficult to remember. Short pieces of information that are “chunked” together are much easier. Think about the way your credit or debit card number is structured. It’s tough to remember all 16 numbers, but they are broken into 4-digit chunks. That makes it easier to remember the number in its entirety.

This is a 5-step process. First, preview the information you’re reviewing. Ask yourself questions based on what you discover. Then read the materials in their entirety. Say the answers to your questions out loud – to the cat, the wall, or your computer screen, it doesn’t matter. Then test yourself to see if you’ve remembered everything.

5) Loci
This method of memory improvement relies on spatial memory and your abilities to navigate. Think about an interior space you know well, like your home. Picture the outline of your home as if it were a blueprint. Then picture the routes you take to navigate to each room in your home. Close your eyes and picture your movements.

6) Acronyms
An acronym makes it easy to remember a specific bit of information. We know that UPS stands for United Parcel Service. Now create a word that is important to you. Then use each letter as a specific information point.

It takes work to improve your memory. Give it a little exercise every day and you may be able to remember more than you realize.

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