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7 Office Design Changes that Impact Productivity


One of the things that impacts the profitability of any business more than anything else is the productivity of the employees. A productive and efficient staff can change the complexion of any business. This means that effort needs to be made in the office setting to design around productivity killers. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

Not enough businesses pay attention to the overall design of any workspace. Most people are working behind a desk, but few workers are in a workspace that is specifically designed to enhance productivity levels. About 4 out of every 5 Americans works at a desk, but only 1 in 4 offices is designed to be most productive. This means that businesses are not giving enough importance to office space design.

One of the things that kills productivity above all else within the workplace is noise pollution. Studies show that the productivity of reading and writing is actually on a decline in the workplace. Efficiency of these tasks is down by about 66% due to the amount of noise that exists within this space. This means that the conversations of other workers is becoming a distraction and keeping employees from reading and writing in the most efficient way possible.

One of the ways that businesses can look to get rid of the noise problem in the workplace is to make headphones more prominently used. Headphones can be a great thing to use in any office that features an open floor plan. They allow employees the ability to block out noise and increase efficiency levels. Not only should employees be able and encouraged to use headphones, but having more than one computer screen will also increase production. Statistics show that employees with only one computer screen are about 50% less efficient than those that have at least two computer screens.

Natural Light
You might not realize this, but natural light in the office also plays a big role in productivity. It is possible to increase efficiency and productivity in the office by about 20% by simply making sure that natural light is present. This means that your office space should feature windows that are in view of your staff. This is a great way to add natural light to the office and allow employees to be most productive during the workday. Skylights can also be a light feature that increases focus.

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