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7 New Mobile Advertising Statistics and Trends


Mobile Advertising: Here’s What You Need To Know

More businesses than ever before are concentrating resources toward mobile marketing campaigns. The reason behind this is simple: in 2014, there could be more mobile traffic on the internet than traffic generated by laptops or PCs. From reading the daily headlines to making purchasing decisions, people are using their mobile devices for everything for which they used to primarily use their computer to access. This means more leads may come from mobile marketing efforts than traditional ones.

The Key to Mobile Marketing Is To Know Your Timeframes

Though there is a strong likelihood that mobile usage will outpace computer usage in 2014, that doesn’t means the average person won’t use their computer to access the internet, read their e-mails, or update their social networks. People tend to wake up using their tablet, laptop, or PC and they tend to go to bed with their mobile device. This means for the business owner, it makes more sense to target their marketing efforts for after traditional dinner times than any earlier time during the day.

Why Is Timeframe Implementation So Important?

With hundreds or thousands of friends on social media, texts coming in from everywhere, and multiple apps up at the same time, people only read historical items from people with whom they are extremely close. A vast majority of businesses are unable to be in this personal bubble, which means something posted at 7am won’t be read at 7pm by a targeted user. It’s just wasted effort and money.

If you send you information out at 7pm, however, you’ll have a much greater chance of having your content noticed. That’s because you will be front-and-center at the exact time when a targeted consumer will have their eyes on their device. If your content then has perceived value, you’ll likely get at minimum a CTR.

Make Sure You Optimize Your Content As Well

Many businesses have learned their lesson in regards to mobile optimization of marketing content. After all, if content is difficult to read or understand on a mobile device, it will likely be ignored. What hasn’t happened yet is a recognition that mobile ads for a business must also be optimized for portable devices… and that depends on what device a targeted consumer has.

Though millions of people own Apple iPhones, for example, there are also millions of other people who use Android devices. Some of your targets may not even be using a smartphone yet! 40% of all devices, in fact, are not smartphones, yet these people are accessing the internet in a mobile way and could benefit from a targeted campaign.

This means if you focus solely on modern smartphone users, you’re going to automatically write off 40% of your targeted consumers. That’s not good business!

How Could You Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Today?

Chances are there is something you could do to optimize your mobile marketing campaign today. Whether it is from your advertising, your content, or even your graphics, coding your campaign to be compatible with all mobile devices just makes sense. Why ignore potential revenues? Take the time effectively target your entire consumer base today!

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