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7 Leadership Traits of Great Leaders


Leaders aren’t born. They are made. That is because leadership is a skill you can develop. When you practice traits like these, you’ll be able to become a better leader as soon as this afternoon.

1) Find Fundamental Truths.
If you can discard all the fluff and distractions, you’ll be able to find the fundamental truths in any idea. Once you find these truths, it becomes possible to develop a plan of action that leads you and your team toward success.

2) Be Decisive.
Hesitation is a decision. Refusing to move forward is a decision. Moving forward is a decision. What you need to do is find the choice that moves you toward your goal. If you’re not moving fast enough, then someone else might take the opportunity tomorrow when you could take it today.

3) Employ Empathy.
Everyone needs to start out somewhere. If you have the chance to help someone, then do it. The people just starting out today will be the leaders of tomorrow. Having a positive influence on this process allows you to become part of the change you want to see in this world.

4) Keep Learning.
The world is always evolving. The expertise you have today is old news tomorrow. You must never become comfortable with where you are from an educational standpoint in your industry. Keep learning. Keep growing. Expand your knowledge horizons in some way, every day.

5) Stay Focused.
Your reality is defined by what you place a focus upon. If you are focused on the steps required to achieve success, then success becomes easier to achieve. Limit the distractions around you. Turn off your phone. Take a break when you feel like you’re being unproductive.

6) Practice Honest Communication.
We must provide feedback to each other to create an environment of success. That feedback must be open, honest, and respectful. Far too often, the first two traits of feedback are practiced and the third is ignored.

7) Innovate.
“This is the way we’ve always done things.” People who offer platitudes like that are managers, not leaders. If you refuse to innovate, then you’re a follower. It is that simple.

Some people may have a talent for leading others which seems natural. Others work hard to develop traits like these to become great leaders. Practice them today and your leadership skills will increase.

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