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7 Keys to Succeeding at Content Marketing


Content marketing is gaining more significance lately owing to the role it plays in search engine optimization, social media management and marketing, link wheels and online advertising. In a nutshell, everything you do online will have some correlation to content marketing. If you are uploading videos on YouTube, it is part of your entire content marketing strategy. If you are tweeting about certain topics or products, it is content marketing. Everything that you do online, from making changes to your website to issuing press releases, all are an integral part of your entire content marketing strategy.

Value of Content Marketing

As significant as it is, content marketing is a very difficult ballgame. Very few companies manage to get it right. Besides, there are many firms that offer content marketing services but very few that actually know what they are doing. Content marketing is not just about writing an article, shooting a picture or producing a video. There is much more to it. Content marketing is the sum of copywriting, marketing, search engine optimization and brand communications among others. Right from the language used to the keywords, the images to the eventual message, everything contributes to determine whether or not a certain piece of content will achieve what is desired.

7 Ways To Achieve Content Marketing Breakthroughs is a comprehensive guide to help you come up with a great strategy or to amend your existing strategy so it can be better.

Define Your Purpose

Effective content marketing has a very well defined purpose. Why is it you are writing an article? Why would you post a video? An article can be aimed at sales, promotion, information or purely optimization. A single article cannot do everything. One video cannot cater to branding, promotion, customer service and advertising. Thus, there has to be a very well defined purpose behind everything you do and all contents that you create.

Content marketing can never be a short term strategy. You may launch a promotional campaign for a limited period of time but content marketing is long term. Everything that you get written, published, recorded, produced or shared will be there. There will be traces of it even if you delete the content in the first place. If you come up with contents that can stand the test of time or be of benefit to you over a long period of time, then you will stand to have an advantage of increasing returns on your investment.

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