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7 Greatest Corporate Perks at Work


The Best Careers to Work In

Regardless of what you think about unions, their main goal was to provide workers with comfort and security through pay and benefits. As the labor market continues to struggle, those kinds of jobs are becoming less and less frequent. There are a few careers however where the everyday employee still gets remarkable and insane perks at their job.

Tech Companies

When it comes to places to work, it can’t get much better then tech companies. Tech companies are normally run by younger people more focused on the health and well being of their employees then other companies. As a result, the employee gets awesome benefits. Lets take a look at what they get.

Paying the Employee to Travel

A number of tech start-ups and established businesses, like AirBnB provide their employees with free funds for travel. This can include 2,000$ dollars a year if you are working for AirBnB. Other companies provide vouchers for travel, and extended pay. Additional services include free transportation from companies like Zynga, EventBrite, and Google.

Free Food? Why Not?

Many well known tech companies provide free food services. These range from the more stingy companies like AirBnB, which only offers a free organic lunch, to companies that go all out like Google. Working for Google means you get free breakfasts, lunches, dinners, coffee, juice bars, and snack bars. With so many choices, it is hard not to see these perks as incredible!

Bringing Your Pet In

Where as the majority of companies in the United States do not allow you to bring in your pet when you go to work, a number of tech companies not only allow it, but encourage it. These companies include Pinterest, AirBnB, and Eventbrite. Besides allowing the animals in, some provide reduced prices for obedience classes as well as communal play areas. They say you can judge a person by how they treat their dog. If the same is true for businesses, then these are definitely the places where you will want to work.

The Office as a One-Stop Shop for All Your Needs

In addition to the services listed above, many tech companies go the extra mile in providing incredible perks. Companies like Google and Facebook provide child daycare, a barbershop, and gyms. The idea behind these amenities is that if works have what they need provided for them, they will be better at their job and more productive. When added to the fact that top talent is hard to come by, these perks help entice potential workers. Now, if only I could get my employer to give me free Yoga lessons!

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