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7 Famous Celebrity Twitter Fights


Celebrity Twitter Battles

Most celebrities have a twitter account. Since 2006, social media platforms have put together over 500 million users round the globe. This has resulted to about 340 million tweets generated on a daily basis. Little wonder celebrities are taking to social media in a bid to promote their labels. Twitter has been used by some celebrities to air their grievances and sometimes, it leads to a battle.

Justin Bieber vs. Drake Bell

Justin Bieber has made 23,105 tweets with 121,882 following and 42,881,110 followers. As of June 2013, he had the most popular celebrity account with 41 million followers. His twitter account accounts for 3% of twitter traffic. Sometimes he tweets statements like “Doing some writing”. He has remained silent on some topics leaving such for his fans to battle for him.

On the flip side, Drake Bell has 5,700 tweets with 525 following and 2,472,783 followers. In March of 2013, Drake and Josh actor began a twitter spat with Bieber. Drake Bell responded “Yeah right” to the tweet of Justin Bieber. Ever since then, Drake has since been posting pictures of Bieber saying he wears makeup. However fans pointed out that Drake’s last Album sold just 35,000 copies while Justin’s own sold 374,000 in the first week of release.

Kirstie Alley vs. Charlie Sheen

Kirstie Alley has 40,845 tweets with 350 following and 1,186,842 followers while Charlie Sheen has 1,615 tweets, 124 following and 9,854,010 followers. As of January 2011, Alley had 1,183,109 followers as against Charlie’s 9,803,055.

Joan Rivers vs. Rihanna

Joan has 6,127 tweets, 411 following and 1,830,601 followers while Rihanna has 8,215 tweets, 967 following and 31,037,780 followers. On the 24th of August 2012 when Rihanna admitted to still being in love with her ex abusive lover Chris Brown, Joan Rivers was quick to tweet “…now it is my turn to slap her”. Rihanna responded “wow u really do get too slow when you’re old hun?” as well as “Slap on some diapers” Joan Rivers responded by saying she would love to have Rihanna on fashion police.

Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey

Nicki has 23,893 tweets, 2,748 following and 16,821,402 followers while Maria Carey has 4,488 tweets, 72 following and 12,617,824 followers. In May 2013 during the American idols, they were at a war of words with each other. They took same to twitter exchanging words. As of April 2013, both artists had 44 billboard hot 100 hits but Nicki said she has recorded more success in a short time as compared to Carey.

Chris Brown vs. Raz B

Chris Brown has 707 tweets and 1,808 followers with 12,907,127 following while Raz B has 12,003 tweets, 289 following and 58,007 followers. In December of 2010 there was a twitter battle between these two which began when Raz B followers began sending Rihanna lots of tweets. At the end of the feud, Raz B had gained over 30,000 new followers.

Nicki Minaj vs. Cher

Nicki Minaj has 23,893 tweets, 2,748 following and 16,821,402 followers while Cher has 8,323 tweets, 107 following and 1,636,058 followers. In November 2011, Cher heard that Minaj has dissed her in her song. They both got to twitter and had their war of words which was ended by Minaj when she twitted “stopit”

Katy Perry vs. Lady Gaga

Perry has 4,808 tweets with 121 following and 40,607,350 followers while Lady Gaga has 2,739 tweets, 135,233 following and 38,742,796 followers. For a very long time, they have been at war on twitter. In comparison to Justin Bieber, Perry is the most followed female star on twitter only beaten by Justin Bieber.

Irrespective of how long the battle has been, it is worthy of note that high profile celebrity are leaving their marks across the internet.

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