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7 Examples of Unique Social Media Campaigns


Social media is a very important and very powerful marketing and sales tool today, but how do you use these platforms when no one wants your product? Using outlets like Facebook and YouTube are easy when you’re selling something fun and sexy, but what about office supplies, car insurance, personal hygiene products, and things like these? Dull, everyday products and services can be tough to sell, but knowing the secrets of the top companies in industries like these can help you to be just as successful online.

1. Humor Sells, Every Time

Car insurance companies like Allstate and Progressive use humor to sell their product online, and customers quickly and easily relate to their trademark characters of Mayhem and Flo. No matter your product, you can probably find some humorous situation or scenario to use that will get people talking and help them to remember your brand. People relate to humor and remember it, so use it on your social media platforms no matter your product.

2. Try a Social Media Campaign

Sales pitches are good, but social media campaigns are even more effective online. This might be something charitable such as allowing customers to submit photos of them using your products while doing charitable works, or it might include customers writing in to talk about experiences relevant to using your product. Getting customers involved is exactly what social media is all about, so use this as part of your online marketing.

3. Do More Than Just Sell

Along with campaigns, it’s good to do more than just sell your product through social media. As an example, an office supply company might post tips for dealing with common concerns in the office, from time management to budgeting to cleaning ink off your hands. A car insurance company might offer simple tips for keeping cars in good working order. The brand Sharpie allows customers to submit artwork they’ve created with their product and they post the pictures online regularly. When you do more on social media than just sell your product, you build an audience that is more likely to tune in regularly, and in turn this can lead to a higher sales conversion rate.

Keep these simple tips in mind and you’ll be sure to run a successful social media marketing campaign, even if you’re selling a product that no one really wants.

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