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7 Biggest Content Marketing Trends to Prepare For


Here are some of the most significant takeaways from the following infographic.

1) The Future Is Going To Be Very Interesting For Content Marketing.
In 2015, we saw emerging ideas in tech play significant, varied roles in the state of content marketing. You can expect tech to create even more elaborate content marketing concepts and strategies in 2016, as an increasing number of ideas and concepts begin to dominate the landscape.

2) Digital Marketing Trends Are Going To Become Elaborate.
Taken as a whole, it’s amazing to compare the digital marketing concepts of 2014 to the digital marketing concepts of 2015, simply because so much changed. This is going to continue over the next year, as content marketing, blogging, video, SEM, automation, and social media all take users in directions they never even dreamed of. For example, with video alone, expect content marketing to keep in mind that in 2015 alone, 57% of marketers claimed they used the medium in their strategies.

3) The Main Marketing Goals Are Going To Be Difficult To Keep Up With.
When you make up a list of the goals that virtually everyone should be serious about in 2016, it’s easy to be a little intimidated. Engagement, customer loyalty, brand awareness, sales, lead generation, and customer evangelism are the main goals businesses need to keep in mind. To the surprise of no one, in terms of importance, all of these goals rank pretty closely to one another. In other words, anyone who wants to go as far as possible with 2016 content marketing trends is going to need to be able to wear several hats not only simultaneously, but successfully, as well.

4) How To Measure Marketing Success In 2016.
In 2016, there are going to be a lot of ways in which businesses can measure their success with marketing strategies. It will probably be best to focus on website traffic and sales, but it can also be useful to keep in mind SEO ranking, time spent on the site, subscriber growth, and inbound links.

5) Look For Entirely New Focal Points.
With so many possibilities for content marketing these days, businesses would do well to consider adding at least one or two new approaches to their toolbox. These approaches can involve mobile apps, user-generated content, videos, touchscreen/interactive materials, adaptive content, and working with niche social media sites (think Vine). No one should overextend themselves, but new strategies will remain essential in marketing for 2016 and beyond.

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