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7 Big Tips for Mobile Email Marketing


Does your company use email marketing as an integral strategy in your overall promotional campaigns and outreach programs? If not, then you are certainly missing out on millions of people who love to receive emails talking about special deals and providing information that they would otherwise miss out on. If you do engage email marketing, are you investing in mobile email marketing as well?

Traditionally, emails have been checked on desktops or laptops. While a majority of people do check their mails on desktops and laptops even today, the number of mobile users has risen sharply, especially pertaining to those who use internet. In 2013, 42% of emails were opened and accessed on a mobile device; that includes smart phones and tabs. Mobile email marketing is very different from conventional email marketing. There is a space crunch and you have much less time and opportunity to interest a person. Here are some mobile email best practices that you should abide by to ensure that your campaign is a success.

1. The first element of your campaign and the most significant one is your content. What you write, what you intend to share and the content developed around the core message would be the most important factor. Minor errors in presentation or such issues will not be remembered by users but poor content or content that doesn’t intrigue will never generate any traction.

2. Design is an extremely important element of mobile emails. No one would read a lengthy email on a mobile device. No one would give you two minutes for any heavy images or graphics to load, users will not offer you four swipes to get to the moot point and you would not have much to display at one go either. Your design has to be simple but elegant. It should be light and informative. The messaging should be lucid and you should establish the purpose, your brand and what the users or potential customers stand to gain in a space that is no more than the display of a standard mobile phone screen.

3. Finally, you should have call to action in your mobile emails. Since you don’t have much space, you may be tempted to include more information and miss out on the basic call to action and other such essential mentions. If you do that, then your email recipients would not know what to do with the email or the message.

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