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7 Best Sites to Get Free Public Domain Photos


Owning a website can be a difficult venture, especially if you are the person who is responsible for the entire design of your site. For individuals who are less creative, finding the perfect images and colors for your site can be a strenuous process without the help of a professional company. With that being said, website owners are always provided with the opportunity to find their photos on public domain photo websites. These websites essentially provide users with the ability to find photos that they can use on their sites without having to worry about copyright issues. Below are some of the most popular public domain photo websites and the style of photos that they offer.

The Importance of Good Photos

Understanding why you should take the time to find fresh and effective photographs for your website will help to ensure that your business gathers the most amount of visitors on a daily basis. Good photos are the most effective way to reach out to your customers and entice them to come to your website. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you want to browse through a site that has photos of a horrible quality, or would you prefer to visit a site that looks professional with outstanding imagery? Good visuals are incredibly important to make sure that you impact your customers in the best way possible.


If you’re looking for sharp and crisp background images that will provide a lasting impression on people who visit your website, you may want to consider using SplitShire. This website provides natural and vibrant images that are perfect for people interested in technology and general objects.


Having a header that is not only appealing to the eye but that also fits in with the entire aesthetic appeal of your website is incredibly important and with the help of Gratisography, you will be able to choose a header for your social media website or your blog that will be playful and enchanting.


For website owners that are looking for a more raw and natural look for their website, Snapographic is filled with some of the most striking and consistent photos relating to architecture, natural elements, and innovative textures.

New Old Stock

Perhaps you don’t own a website and you are simply looking for inspirational and timeless photos for your presentation. New Old Stock has the perfect images that will help to make your presentation far more memorable.

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