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61 Catchy Non-GMO Slogans

There has been an ongoing debate with the downfalls of GMOs in agriculture. These catchy non-GMO slogans encourage responsible use and labeling of GMOs in our food.

Abolish Biotech Now.
All We Want is a Simple Label for the Food That’s on the Table.
America Wants GMOs Labeled.
Ban Genetically Modified Food.
Be Aware of GMOs.
Chemicals are bad for kids!
Choose Organic.
Cloned meat, genetically altered food, microbe infestation.
Control food, control people. Control people, control the world!
Corn. Engineered to grow its own pesticide.
Don’t Modify those Organisms that’s almost like terrorism.
Don’t sink to new lows, by making GMOs.
FDA over our safety…the people’s health at risk!
Food for Profit. Not for Profit.
Food should not be grown in a lab.
Frankenfood; GMO invasion must be stopped.
GenModOrgs should be sent to the morgue.
GMO Has Got to Go.
GMO is not the way to go.
GMO stands for “God Move Over.”
GMO: I’m Not Eatin’ It.
GMOs and Herbicide Use: It’s Complicated.
GMOs are Dangerous and Unhealthy.
GMO’s are for average Joes.
GMO’s are for schmoes.
GMO’s are not food.
GMOs have to go!
GMO’s really blow.
GMOs, let’s see ’em go!
GMOs: Seeds of Science.
Grow GMO. Take more.
Grow your own food & save your seeds. Before Monsanto enslaves you.
Growing Better Together.
Healthy Food Grows. Say No to GMO.
High fructose corn syrup is made from genetically modified “corn.”
I am not an experiment!
I will not eat genetically modified “wheat.”
If GMOs are so great, why is labeling such a debate?
If it’s GMO, we want to know!
It’s our right to know whether it’s GMO
Junk the junk food.
Just Ban It.
Keep Our Rice GMO Free.
Monsanto’s gonna come out looking like a hero.
Once Upon a Time All Food Was Organic.
One Contaminated Farm is One to Many.
Operation: Label GMOs.
Quality Matters Not Quantity.
Right to know about GMO
Save the Beeds.
Save the bees, say no to pesticides
Say No to GMO.
Seeds of Death. Stop GMO.
Shortcuts Cut Life Short.
The Right to Know. The Right to Food. Say No to GMO.
The Risks of GMOs. We’ve Got the Studies to Prove it.
The world doesn’t want your GMOs.
Time Out on GMOs.
Unlabeled cloned beef. Is it what’s for dinner?
Yes or no? It’s a GMO
Your body is a temple. Buy organic.

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